About Me

Hello yes


Who I am

Open source software dev, looking to stop being broke.

Creator of Freechat, the best chat platform that doesn’t zucc your data into the ether.(its also a wip so feel free to contribute)

What is this site?

These are the miscellaneous musings of a madman with an internet connection. I mostly post random snippets of things I’m working on or studying. Posts on the main page are more polished that anything in the notes section which are mostly scribbles/rambles/random dev notes.

Freechat and my Tin-Foil-Hat-Mode

Similar to Discord/Slack in that you can have multiple channels to chat(text) but with no data mining.

Also the API to interact with servers has been built with hackers in mind, which in this case just means its completely dead simple to get a basic client working to start chatting. I’ve already written some clients however so you don’t have to.

  • Datamining

It’s really no secret that these large SaaS chat platforms are mining every bit of data they can. Freechat doesn’t do this. Nor will it ever because frankly, I don’t care if you trade feetpics or deep fried memes all day. You should be free to chat without some nerd greping your data every other day.

  • Hosting

Also its dummy simple to deploy, the API is a single binary so you can run it behind Nginx, Apache, Caddy, or whatever else you want. The RTC server which is used for voip and chat watching (will be )is also a single binary.

  • Basically

Once freechat reaches 1.0 (which is soon) get on it! Also check the roadmap for status on development progress -> click here <-