Website Contruction Philosophy

No Non-free JS here

To explain succintly, I don’t like Javascript, especially considering how much power it has on a user’s browser. Namely the issue being that while it used to mainly be focused around making websites look pretty it now also serves to execute malicious code; luckily I don’t think that is too common but that fact alone makes JS for me, something which should be avoided.

It’s JS’s non-free abilities which I don’t like and is why I am not going to be using it for any of my projects, unless it is a client-side only project where it is running on some local server.

There are of course a few tangent reasons why I decided to fully make the switch from using the Hugo static site generator:

  • Performace

Loading a bunch of JS/php is rather cumbersome at time which can often be tracked down to the js being obfuscatedpoorly, creating a file which is sometimes hundreds of times larger than normal. I’ll show by example - namely using r-markdown and then my own technique to make a page with identical content:

# This is an example header

With a small paragraph

* a 

* List

> and a quote
  • Dev time/ Convenience

To be completely honest I’m reall not interested by web-development much at all, so finding a flow to make creating content easier is just perfect for me. Also I dont have to deal with running wine/windows or dealing with hundreds of dependencies with Hugo.

Hopefully this explains some of my thought process behind this site’s design, and if you like, check out some of my other stuff that I post here.