Rewrites and this site


For the sake of rewriting things

Finally after so long I came back to make this site look a little bit better since I never had a theme in mind. I’m still changing up the theming a bit but this time around it should hopefully be a bit more modern.

Still no non-free javascript tho \:D/. In fact at the moment there is literally 0 lines of javascript which actually runs on the site right now.

Even tho, purecss has some javascript, it’s only used for Node module packaging. Since I don’t have any javascript using Node, those script never execute.

Also the make script has been updated(praise kek). If you want to build your own websites with Pandoc & markdown, you can use the newly updated build script below.

This is the most recent stable build of the script but there’s a more bleeding edge version here.


[[ -z $rootDir/post/ ]] && mkdir -p $rootDir/post

post() {
	# First get the body of the document
	base=$(basename $1)
	# cat the files together
	pandoc $1 | cat 'templates/post-header.html' - 'templates/post-footer.html' >> $tmp
	sed -i "5i <title>${base%.*}</title>" $tmp
	sed -i "s/<img/<img class=\"pure-img\"/g" $tmp
	sed -i 's/<table>/<table class="pure-table">/g' $tmp
	# turn the header into an actual header
	sed -i '30i <div class="header">' $tmp
	sed -i '32i </div>' $tmp	# change this to 33 once we finalized for the subheading
	# finally move this post to its proper location in the _rootDir
	mv $tmp "$rootDir/$targetDir/${base%.*}.html"
	rm -f $tmp

for file in $@;do
	post $file

if [ -z $@ ] 
	while read line
		post $line
	done < "${1:-/dev/stdin}"