Segmented Routes

Segmenting & Optimizing Realistic Routes

Finally after a few weeks of practicing I took some time to segment the route that I’ve been working on for bhop_bochadick. Something which I have a really bad habit of not doing.

Unlike a lot of other maps I’ve tried running in the past this one doesn’t really get old and the rng in the run is pretty bearable. Apart from the route being fun there’s also a few reset points, where if I lose time or fail it doesn’t mean the run is completely over/results in +30.

Alright but where’s the route mang

Here you go :^)

Can it be improved?

Yes, and there’s already some new tricks/optimizations I’m planning on using to bring the time down even further.

So it’s not perfect?

Nop, in fact there’s a huge mistake at the top of the pyramid where I bump into a wall pretty hard, losing nearly 400 u/s(from ~900u/s to ~500u/s).

Also I could potentially do the drop in the lava stage without the wall bump thus conserving speed and cutting out a jump or two (i.e. 0.7 - 1.4 seconds).


  • Current estimated: 4:41
  • Future estimated: 4:3x